17 December 2013

Five Nankeen Kestrel chicks

While checking bird survey sites, the staff at Neds came across a nest of five Nankeen Kestrel chicks. The kestrels do not make their own nest, they use any convenient structure: a tree hollow, cliff ledge or disused nest, and is not modified or added to by the kestrels as you can see in the photo.


12 December 2013

Archaeology survey at Neds Corner Station

Over the past three weeks undergraduate archaeology students from La Trobe University have been helping Dr Jillian Garvey on an Indigenous cultural survey at Neds Corner Station. This is part of Jillian's Australian Research Council DECRA project to look at the antiquity of human occupation in the region. It will also investigate human subsistence activities and use of the landscape. The archaeology team has surveyed three different areas so far recording more than 500 stone tools, numerous scarred trees, oven mounds, shell middens and hearths (fireplaces).


11 December 2013

New species of Glider

Earlier this year we shared the image below of a Feather Glider found on Neds Corner Station.  Volunteer, Clive Crouch, found the Glider and he has also since reported that it is a new species. It is a Broad-toed Feathertail Glider (Acrobates frontalis), a species of Glider that was previously considered to be a juvenile or sub-species of the original wide-spread Feathertail Glider (Acrobates pygmaeus).

However, the Broad-toed Glider is now recognised as a species in its own right, and the old Feathertail has become the Narrow-toed Feathertail.

The newly-described species can be distinguished from the Narrow-toed Glider by its creamy belly fur (Narrow-toed Gliders have part grey, part cream belly fur), broad heart-shaped toe pads and prehensile tail.

The Broad-toed Feathertail Glider is found the full length of eastern Australia from Cape York to South-Eastern South Australia. Both species are found together over much of their range, however only the Broad-toed Glider is found in North-West Victoria, along the Murray River.


                     Broad-toed Feathertail Glider


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