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Mantid lacewing. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

24 February 2012

Neds Corner Station truffle name announced

The wait is over! The Neds Corner Station truffle has been named. The Bushblitz team voted on possible names and the winner is Agaricus colpeteus sp. nov. It has been named in honour of current managers of Neds Corner Station-Peter and Colleen Barnes. The first three letters of Colleen and Peter's names feature in the species name, colpeteus. Colleen and Peter are keen naturalists and helped out, alongside Neds Corner Station Ranger Anthony Pay, in the 2011 Bushblitz at Neds Corner Station, where the new truffle species was discovered. The Neds Corner Station team should be proud in contributing to the discovery and naming of this new truffle.


17 February 2012

Neds Corner Station's jazzed up ute

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow Trust for Nature staff member, the Neds Corner Station crew have received a new tray for their ute. The ute is now user-friendly with drop down sides for easier access. The tray has been added to an already modified ute. Anthony Pay, a ranger at Neds Corner Station, has fitted the ute with spotlights and flashing lights, to help with carrying out rabbit transects.

Neds Corner Station's new ute tray. Photo: P.Barnes, Trust for Nature


8 February 2012

Naming the Neds Corner truffle

Dr Teresa Lebel, Senior Mycologist at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, discovered a new species of truffle at Neds Corner Station during the BushBlitz last year. Truffles are a type of fungus that live underground. At Neds Corner Station, Teresa discovered a new species of Agaricus, which is in the same grouping as field and button mushrooms.

Teresa is now trying to give the truffle species a name with the help of of the rest of the BushBlitz team. The species will be officially described and published in fungi journal volume called 'Truffle-like fungi of Australia', which should be out in 2013. And while that is a little way off, we look forward to seeing what name the truffle receives.

New truffle species. Photo: T.Lebel, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne





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