Great Cormorants. Photo:C.Barnes, Trust for Nature



21 January 2013

Mulga Parrots at the Station

At Neds Corner Station, three Mulga Parrots (Psephotus varius) have become regular visitors to the gardens around the homestead. This is the first time they have been seen in the

last five years.

They are a vibrant, quite bird, mingling am...ongst the Mallee Ringnecks; Red-rumped and Yellow Rosellas; and fossicking for food around the buildings. Staff at the Station say the

sight of these parrots and the beautiful twitter of the Wrens in the bushes behind, makes a coffee on the verandah of the homestead very special.

                                                        Mulga Parrots at Neds Corner Station.  Photo: P Barnes




14 January 2013


The Age, Sunday 13 January: In a small corner of the state, the bush returns to life


The first signs of battle are found outside Blue's house. Known to some as ''Fox Dundee'', Blue works on Neds Corner and lives in a cottage on the property. His war trophies, 800 fox tails, cover the cottage's front walls in neat rows, each furry ornament a small victory over the pests that have reigned at Neds.

But fox shooting is just part of the campaign to return Neds Corner, the state's biggest privately held conservation property, to its natural state after 153 years of pastoral enterprise. 

A decade ago, Trust for Nature bought the 30,000-hectare site, an hour west of Mildura, for $2.5 million. It seemed an inspired buy. But the job of repairing the former sheep station was so daunting even the trust had doubts.

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