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Adult antlion. Photo: D Paul, Muserum Victoria

26 July, 2012

A feral proof fence to protect Indigenous culture and the environment

Through the Australian Government's Indigenous Heritage Program, the Souter-Foale Family Trust and the David Thomas Challenge (administered by The Nature Conservancy), Trust for Nature received a grant in 2011 to protect indigenous cultural heritage and artefacts at Neds Corner Station.  The project aimed to build a 7km feral-proof fence around areas of Indigenous cultural heritage and aretefacts.  The fence will protect remnant vegetation from feral animals such as rabbits, which in turn will protect the remaining cultural artefacts from erosion.  Thanks to the hard work of three genereations of Barnes' family and volunteers, the fence has now been installed and protects 600 hectares encompassing three threatened ecosystems.  The Black Box Floodplain Woodland, Semi-arid Woodlands and Chenopod Shrublands. The staff at Neds Corner Station would like to thank everyone who was involved and supported the project.




13 July, 2012

Indigenous award for private land conservation

Neds Corner Station staff, Colleen and Peter Barnes were honoured to be invited to the Ngurta Werkitya Indigenous Trainee Awards Night on 29 June, 2012. Both Trust for Nature as well as Colleen and Peter were awarded with a certificate in recognition for their contribution to the Indigenous Traineeship Program. The Program enabled students to get involved in a whole range of conservation activities on Neds Corner Station including but not limited to rabbit control and fencing works. The awards night was also a great opportunity for the team at Neds Corner Station to network with other members of the Indigenous community, representatives from the Department of Sustainability and Environment, ParksVic as well as the Mildura Aboriginal Co-operative.


5 July, 2012

New tools make light work!

A big thank you to Geoff Handbury for his generous donation that allowed Neds Corner Station staff to purchase a ring clip tool. When we build fences, this handy new tool allows us to mechanically clamp wire rings around the fence to fasten the fence mesh to its frame.  We used 180,000 of these clips in a recent project to build a feral-proof fence around 500ha of native vegetation to protect Indigenous cultural heritage - so there is a lot of clamping involved!  We will now use the clip ring tool to help build fences as part of a project to restore the threatened Semi-arid Woodlands found on Neds Corner Station.

The tool is saving us a lot more time (and preventing blisters!), so thank you Geoff, for your contribution.





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