23 July 2014

Bush Blitz report released - 21 new speceis to science found at Neds!!!

The Bush Blitz team launched the continuation of their program yesterday with the support of the Australian Government and BHP and also gave us a copy of the findings from the Neds Corner Station Blitz in 2011.

It is so exiciting to read about the finds at the property and the result of 21 new species to science made up of one fungi (named after property managers, Peter and Colleen), 13 spiders, four tree bugs and three moths.

Read the full report here.

For more about Bush Blitz, please visit their website here:

3 June 2014

Volunteers spot birds

The Neds Corner Station staff have been very happy to have volunteers Ian and Sharon Miles, and Mal McKinty visiting the property. As mad keen birdos they have been out doing bird surveys, taking photos and helping to compile past bird data into an easy to use spreadsheet. They also carried out some maintenance work around the property.

Below are some of the great bird photos they have captured.

Orange Chat                                                                                                                   Red-capped Robin (male)


Red-capped Robin (female)                                                                                        Spotted Pardalote


White-fronted Chat                                                                                                        White-winged Fairy-wren





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