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Wedge Tail Eagle Photo: Chris Lindorff

27 June, 2012

Tree planting galore at Neds!

The North West Indigenous Trainee team spent last week helping staff at Neds Corner Station plant over 100 groups of native plants.

These plants will help to link seed lines and existing remnant vegetation, restoring landscapes and habitats for wildlife. The plants are looking great and it is expected that there will be a success rate of at least 95%.

A great week was had by all. We hope to have the opportunity to work with the Trainee team again in the future.


  Zac, Mick & Lucy working on tree guards                                                               Neds Corner Station staff with the Trainee team.


20 June, 2012

Solar panels installed and running!

The team at Neds Corner Station would like to thank Brian and Diana Snape, who have kindly donated solar panels to the Station.  The panels convert sunlight into electrical energy and feed power through the Station - a great thing for our bills and for the climate!


18 June, 2012

Epic Tale of Survival

Spot, Jason and Charlotte Harmer's heavily pregnant Kelpie had quite an adventure on Neds Corner Station this month as reported in Sunraysia Daily on 9 June 2012.

Spot somehow became separated from the family near Neds Corner Station when they went to collect wood.  When it was discovered Spot was missing, the Harmers searched everywhere to find their beloved pet, but to no avail.

The next week, Spot gave birth to five pups on the property and by that stage Spot had been missing for more than seven days.  During that time the Harmers had called Peter Barnes, Neds Corner Station Manager, to ask him to keep a lookout for their family pet. 

What happens next is the stuff of adventure stories. Read the full story here.

12 June, 2012

Thank you to Neds Volunteers

We are in one of our busiest times ever at Neds Corner Station, with three projects to be finished by the end of June, and we are also working on the Caring for our Country Project - Restoring Landscape Links and Habitat for Threatened Wildlife at Neds Corner Station.

It would be impossible to achieve all these works without our volunteers.

Brett Barnes - Peter and Colleen's son, has just finished eight days on a whole range of jobs, including working on the Caring for our Country project, installing new signage, helping with the Pine Paddock Extension Project and the 10ha Belah woodland planning project.

Verna Monaghan, Colleen's mum, did a few days helping with the Caring for our Country project and many other odd jobs.

Val Barnes had carried out two weeks on the Pine Paddock Extension Project and Caring for our Country Project, plus spent several days on other jobs to help out.

Steph Bergens, Brett's fiance, was helping clean up in readiness for the Caring for our Country Steering Committee Meeting.


Gary Kelly, from a local family and friend, has worked two days on the Pine Paddock Fence Extension Project so far.

Several North West Indigenous Trainees, who hve been employed to work on the Pine Paddock Fence Extension Project, have done many volunteer hours on that project and the Caring for our Country Project.




Brett Barnes helping with Pine Paddock Fence Extension (top left), Brett Barnes putting signs together (top right) and Flood Recovery Employment Program volunteers putting up fence| (left).


The Flood Recovery Employment Program (Mallee Cathment Management Authority initiative) has given us many, many free hours of work on our Pine Paddock Fence Extension Project and on other jobs around Neds Corner Station over the last six months.

Ross Barilla, Anthony Pay's friend, has spend several days helping with the Pine Paddock Fence Extension Project as well as many hours helping us out during the year.

John Prictor, another of Anthony's friends, has done a lot of hours to help out during the year.

Birdlife Australia (formally BOCA) surveyed their monitoring sites quarterly and supplied us with all the collected information.

Clive Crouch is an ongoing volunteer who does everything from mammal trapping surveys, mending windows, installing doors, donating goods to building bird boxes and many, many more jobs.

Danny Barnes, Peter and Colleen's son, spends endless hours assisting with planning, mapping and computer related matters.

Anothony's family, Dionie, Brooke, Kert and Tiesha, donate not only their time to do jobs around the Station, but help represent Trust for Nature at functions with us.  For example, the local Meringur Pioneer Days and field days.

All of the Trust for Nature staff, contractors, workers and suppliers that donate volunteer time and goods over and above their requirements.

Colleen, Anthony and I, also volunteer a lot of our time to maintain these projects.

Although none of these fantastic volunteers expect praise, I think they deserve a big pat on the back and a thank you for their great effort this year, and I am sure they will be doing more before the end of June.

Peter Barnes

Manager, Neds Corner Station



Clockwise from top: Garry Kelly working on Pine Paddock Fence Extension, indigenous trainees making surrounds for trees, Verna Monaghan covering shuttles, Val Barnes painting shuttles and Steph Bergens getting ready for the CfoC meeting.

1 June, 2012

New Signs being installed at Neds

The team at Neds Corner Station are in the process of putting up new signs around the property.  The aim of the new signs is to better direct people entering the property.  A big thank you to Neds Corner Station volunteer Brett, who has been a huge help in not only erecting the signs but also with carrying out other important tasks around the property.

Peter, Blue and volunteer Brett installing the first sign. Photo: C.Barnes and P.Barnes, Trust for Nature






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