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Mantid lacewing. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria


19 December 2011

Creepy crawly finds on Neds Corner Station

Terrifying if you're arachnophobic, but otherwise fascinating were the spider finds on Neds Corner Station during a recent biodiversity discovery Bush Blitz. New species of wishbone, wolf and ant mimicking spiders were among the discoveries in this arid north-west corner of Victoria.

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Huntsman spider. Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria


15 December 2011

Artwork inspired by Neds Corner Station

Fiona Sinclair is a teacher of Typography and Graphic Design at TAFE. During Easter this year, she visited Neds Corner Station with her daughter and photographer husband Paul. While there she was inspired to develop an Australian Native plant typeface which she then applied to a range of products. The artwork is being exhibited at Bundoora Homestead Access Gallery from February 22, 2012.

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Typotany teatowel (cropped). Artwork: Fiona Sinclair


12 December 2011

New daisy record at Neds Corner Station

The Bush Blitz botanical team found a new plant record for Victoria, discovering a black-seed daisy. The team from Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens dicovered the daisy in two sites-both damp-on the chenopod plain during the recent Bush Blitz survey at Neds Corner Station in north-west Victoria.

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Black-seed daisy. Photo: V. Stajsic


6 December 2011

Lichens and liverworts resurrected – just add water!

Lichens and liverworts play a vital role in holding together the soil crusts of arid and semi-arid Australia. To the untrained eye they can be hard to find when the country is dry.

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Liverwort. Photo: M Cheng, University of NSW


5 December 2011

ABC Radio's Bush Telegraph interview about Neds Corner Station

ABC Radio's Michael Mackenzie speaks about Bush Blitz at Neds Corner Station with Richard Gilmore, executive director of Earthwatch Australia; Dr John Stanisic, principal biodiversity scientist with Biodiversity Assessment and Management and Dr Mark Norman, head of science at Museum Victoria.

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See below for a wonderful array of animals captured on camera during Bush Blitz at Neds Corner Station.


Clockwise beginning top left:

Tree gecko. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Orb Weaving Spider. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Ant spider. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Thick-tailed Gecko. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Peron's Tree Frog. Photo: P Honan, Museum Victoria

Grammodes ocellata. Photo: D Hewish, Entomological Society of Victoria

Marbled Gecko. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Trapdoor spider burrow. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Centipede. Photo: Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Tiger Moth (Amata aperta)

2 December 2011

New species of truffle found at Neds Corner Station

Dr Teresa Lebel finds what she is quite certain will be a new species of truffle

My personal highlight during this Bush Blitz at Neds Corner Station has been finding what I strongly suspect will be a new species of truffle-like fungus related to button mushrooms.

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1 December 2011

Snails find safe haven in Neds Corner Station


Left: Pupasnail. Photo. D Paul, Museum Victoria

Right: Southern sinistral pupasnail. D Paul, Muesum Victoria

You are seeing these beautiful snails with the aid of macro photography. They are actually tiny-just the size of a grain of rice.

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