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Mantid lacewing. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

26 March 2012

Click here to view three short YouTube films about the BushBlitz at Neds Corner Station last year that may be of interest to you all. They were made by Parks Australia. There is also mention of the now famous Agaricus colpeteus sp. nov. truffle species.


1 March 2012

Neds Corner Station continues to amaze

Since Trust for Nature purchased Neds Corner Station in 2002, the property has continued to recover and amaze us.

Recently, 400 young Murray Pine (Callitris pressie) trees were discovered, which appear to have germinated over the past 12 months. The regeneration of Murray Pine has not been observed for many years. Of these 400 trees, 95% are in the cropping country of Neds Corner Station. With the help of a recently received Caring for our Country grant, it will be possible to protect these young plants. Germination of Sugarwood (Myoporum platycarpum) has been successful with approximately 300 trees growing south-west of Neds Corner Road. Over the past two years there has also been successful germination of Rosewood (Heterodendrum oleifolium) and Native Apricot (Pittosporum phylliraeoides) trees.

Young Murray Pine trees. Photo: C. Barnes, Trust for Nature

Sugarwood trees. Photo: C. Barnes, Trust for Nature



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