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Mantid lacewing. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

30 November 2011

Bush Blitz birds: the latest photos from Neds Corner Station


Top left: Red-capped Robin. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Top right: Great Egret. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Bottom left: Forktail Kite. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria

Bottom right: Great Cormorants. Photo: M Norman, Museum Victoria




29 November 2011

Open day showcases amazing biodiversity on Neds Corner Station

Tawny frogmouth camouflagued against dead tree branches. Photo: W, Longmore, Museum Victoria

The day starts early here on Neds Corner Station with the vertebrate team off at 7am to check traps for small mammals and reptiles before the heat of the day sets in.

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27 November 2011

See some of the amazing wildlife being unearthed at Neds Corner Station this week


Top left: Moth.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Top right: Skink.   Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Middle left: Microsnail.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Middle right: Saltbush with pigface.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Bottom left: Dr Mark Norman and Shingleback. Photo: W Longmore, Museum Victoria



26 November 2011

The desert comes alive!

Fat-tailed Dunnart.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Here on Neds Corner Station in north-west Victoria, the desert country is awakening after recent rains — with an array of animals, plants and fungi emerging to take advantage of the conditions.

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25 November 2011

Reptile central

Thick-tailed Gecko. Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

The warm weather has been out at Neds Corner Station and the Bush Blitz team has clocked up an impressive tally of reptiles — with the desert influence obvious in the wonderful range of skinks, dragons, geckos and snakes found in this dry corner of Victoria.

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25 November 2011

The latest photos from Bush Blitz


Top left: Pobblebonk Frog.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Top right: Wolf Spider.   Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Bottom left: Byneos Gecko.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria

Bottom right: Antlion Lacewing.  Photo: D Paul, Museum Victoria


24 November 2011

Behind the Bush Blitz lens

See how the photographs from the BushBlitz team get out to you. David Paul, a photographer from Museum Victoria, is onsite at Neds Corner Station and has set up a photographic studio onsite.

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23 November 2011

Blitzing Birds at Neds Corner Station                                                                                   

The first day of collecting at the Neds Corner Station Bush Blitz has just drawn to a

close. The maps have been checked, the traps are set and the batacoustic recording equipment turned on. Already the generator is humming, powering light traps set up to capture an array of moths. Fifteen scientists are poised on the brink of discovering the secrets of this beautiful property.

Already bird expert Wayne Longmore from the Melbourne Museum has seen over 50 species of bird from small wrens and beautifully coloured parrots to kites and falcons.

The birds of the region seem to be thriving on the Neds Corner Station.  A male

Emu was spotted today with no less than 10 chicks at his heel and Wayne is

keeping an eye out for the owner of a large Wedge Tail Eagle nest.

And this is just the beginning…

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About Bush Blitz

Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest nature discovery project: a three-year multimillion

dollar partnership to document the plants and animals in hundreds of properties

across Australia’s National Reserve System. Bush Blitz is expected to uncover

hundreds of new species and provide the baseline scientific data that will help us

protect our biodiversity for generations to come.

Bush Blitz is currently conducting one of their most intensive blitzes yet on Neds

Corner Station. With more than 20 scientists as well as the BHP participants taking

part in this blitz it's estimated that they will spend some 2,000 hours scouring the

reserve for plants and animals from 21st November to the 2nd of December.

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conducted on Neds Corner Station.



Photo Points: 2003 and 2011

This photo spread of Victoria’s largest private conservation property, Neds Corner Station situated along the Murray River, tells a great tale.  In 2002, Trust for Nature bought the grazing property and have worked extremely hard ever since to remove pests and weeds; restore native plants and carry out ongoing maintenance of fences and infrastructure. A photopoint survey in 2003 captured an invaluable record of Neds Corner Station.  The photopoint survey was carried out again this spring and the amazing change in plants over time is clear to see.



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