Adult antlion. Photo: D Paul, Muserum Victoria

15 November, 2012

Feather-tail glides into Neds Corner Station

The Feather-tail Glider is the smallest gliding mammal in the world, weighing just 10-14gm and able to glide up to 25m.  This particular glider was recently found in a red gum  tree near the Murray River at Neds Corner Station by Clive Crouch , a regular scientific volunteer at the property.  Feather-tail gliders live in tree hollows and are often found inhabiting nest boxes.  Their diet consists of nectar, pollen and insects.   The last time a Feather-tailed Glider was found at Neds Corner Station was in 2007, also by Clive Crouch. 



2 November, 2012

Spring in to Nature at Neds Corner Station - 2012













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