Adult antlion. Photo: D Paul, Muserum Victoria

29 August, 2012

Nesting at Neds

Our Ranger at Neds Corner Station, Anthony Pay, spotted this nesting Insland Dotterel (Charadrius australis) while carrying out rabbit control on the property.  The bird is only found in the arid zones of southern and central Australia and nests on the bare ground in shallow soil depressions, where it lays clutches of three brown eggs.




13 August, 2012

Watching the planets move from Neds Corner Station

Mark and Jan Schapper set up their impressive telescope at Neds Corner Station to witness the Venus Transit on 6 June 2012 - an event that won't be repeated for another 100 years!  With clear skies over the property the Schappers' were able to take amazing images of the transit which went from 8.17am to 2.44pm!





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