Cockateil at Neds Corner Station.  Photo: Peter Barnes

24 October 2013

Spring into Nature

Everyone had a fantastic Spring into Nature day at Neds Corner Station on Friday, 18 October. More than 55 people came for a tag-along tour of the property to see it in its spring bloom and also to see the works that have been carried out recently. Volunteer Gary Kelly made billy tea on a fire, which was served with scones, jam and cream;, homemade fruit cake and lemon cake. Lunch was held in the paddock under a large old pine tree. There were various speakers who talked about what has been done over the last year, including Peter Barnes who overseas the property and carries out a huge amount of revegetation and pest control works; David Milsom who spoke about the direct seeding and Tim McClelland from BCG who spoke about the trial of degradable polymers (a glad wrap type plastic) to increase the chance of native seed germinating.

Don't forget you can see the property on Gardening Australia on Saturday, 16 November. And if you are interested in Trust for Nature's other properties, visit:



The tag-along tour                                                                                                          Presentation by Greg Ogle, Trust for Nature Mallee Regional Manager


Landcare Victoria giving away free native plants                                                      The Spring into Nature display


Gary Kelly making the billy tea                                                                                      Peter Barnes talking about rabbit control


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