16 September 2014

Neds Corner Station in spring

Some of our staff went up to Neds Corner Station last week and took some photos of the property in bloom. So much work has been done since the Trust bought the property in 2002. Now, 12 years on, it is really beginning to show.


Black Box woodland                                                                                                      Eagle flying over the property


Bearded Dragon                                                                                                            Walking through the Black Box woodland


Saltbush                                                                                                                          Riverine Stone Hopper




10 September 2014

Two new records for Neds

Last week a photographic exhibition at Neds Corner Station came across two new plant speceis that haven't been recorded on the property before. Round Tetragonia (Templetonia egena) and Rabbit Tails (Ptilotus seminudus) were discovered by Russell Best and his family; James Booth and one of our staff who were up visiting the property.

It's great to see the property regenerating and supporting a diversity of species.

Round Tetragonia (Templetonia egena)

Rabbit Tails (Ptilotus seminudus



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