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Neds Corner Station is a flagship for conservation in Victoria



Neds Corner is a 30,000 hectare former sheep station just west of Mildura, and is the largest private conservation property in Victoria. It represents approximately 3% of all the remaining native vegetation on private land in Victoria, and provides important habitat for native plants and wildlife often not seen in other parts of the State.

Its size and scale make Neds Corner Station a unique place. Because it is bordered by the Murray River and the Murray Sunset National Park to the north and east, it allows movement of wildlife between different areas.

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about us

When Trust for Nature bought Neds Corner Station in 2002 the land was degraded by stock trampling, rabbit grazing and weeds. Native vegetation was sparse and the woodlands were showing signs of extreme drought stress, while many of the native animal species previously identified in the area had disappeared.

Support from the Australian Government's National Reserve System Program, the RE Ross Trust and The Nature Conservancy enabled Trust for Nature to purchase Neds Corner Station and turn it into a living university and an ongoing demonstration of conservation land management.

Trust for Nature’s first action was to stop sheep grazing, to allow the regeneration and growth of native vegetation. Devoted volunteers assisted with revegetation, weed control and maintenance of assets. Major efforts have been made to reduce rabbit numbers through the use of bait and removal of burrows; the subsequent drop in rabbit numbers is an amazing feat for such a large expanse of land. Since we began to manage the property, the native bush has significantly improved, which has brought some of our native wildlife species back.

Fences have been removed; wildlife are now free to roam across the property. With the threats removed, Trust for Nature has begun a revegetation program at Neds Corner Station. Plants and trees endemic to the region have been planted and nurtured to create more habitats for the species we want to protect and encourage back to the land.

There is now a full-time land management team at Neds Corner Station, working to maintain the facilities and improve the health of the grasslands and other plant life. Weeds continue to be removed, trees planted and sensitive areas fenced. Regular surveys of plants and animals are carried out to monitor our ongoing success, and the findings of our work are incorporated into future planning.

A 2011 Bush Blitz visit recorded 884 species at Neds Corner Station, including 6 threatened birds and animals, 77 threatened plants, and 21 species new to science.


About Trust for Nature

Since it was established in 1972,Trust for Nature has helped to protect in perpetuity more than 100,000 hectares of Victoria's unique habitats.The Trust has developed unique ways to permanently protect native habitat on private land. These include voluntary conservation covenants, land purchase, a Revolving Fund and ongoing land stewardship programs. The Trust's model is being adopted and implemented by other conservation organisations across Australia.


Neds Corner Station has been fortunate to have the kind help of a number of supporters. They have shown the Trust that enormous investment, coupled with the efforts our employees and volunteers can have a significant and lasting impact on the land.

In particular, the support of Australian Government National Reserve System, The Nature Conservancy and the RE Ross Trust helped to purchase the property.

Many others have helped to support conservation works on the property, in particular Parks Victoria; the Mallee Catchment Management Authority; Mr Roger Riordan AM; the Cybec Foundation; Cydelia Pty; the David Thomas Challenge via The Nature Conservancy - Australia Program; the Late Peter F Druce via Ms Catherine King; the Souter-Foale Family Trust; Ms Megan Davis and Mr Tony Isaacson; Dr Mark and Dr Janet Schapper; Mr Brian and Mrs Diana Snape and the Trust for Nature Foundation.

We'd like to thank Mrs Janet Limb and the Limb Family Foundation for the development of the Neds Corner Station herbarium and for this website.


Fencing for woolshed Indigenous enclosure.
Photo: C.Barnes, Trust for Nature


Trust for Nature looks forward to working with a wide range of supporters in the future to continue to manage Neds Corner Station for conservation and for all Victorians.

Support the efforts of our hard-working land management team as they battle to restore habitat for endangered species.

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