18 December 2014

Volunteers cutting tobacco-bush at Neds Corner

Neds Corner Station recently experienced a visit from Ian & Sharon Miles and Mal & Judy McKinty, who wanted to experience the wonder of the property and see the work Trust for Nature is doing there. While they were impressed with the land management that is being carried out by our on-ground conservation team, they could see that it was a big job for just two people to look after a 30,000 hectare property! Fortunately they were happy to pitch in.

Ian, Sharon, Mal and Judy all put their time and hard work into cutting and spraying the introduced tobacco bush which has been growing and spreading on Neds Corner Station. This is a time-consuming job, which our land managers had not yet been able to get to this year. Our four fantastic volunteers have even offered to come back next year and monitor the results of their good work, and to remove any tobacco bush which might have slipped through the net!

We are very appreciative of the hard work of our four wonderful volunteers. Thank you Ian, Sharon, Mal and Judy, for helping protect our native plants in this very special place!

                      Malcolm using the brush cutter; photo by Judy McKinty


Mal and Sharon working. Photo by Judy McKinty

Ian hard at work in the tobacco bush! Photo: Judy McKinty



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